Monday, December 18, 2006

My Mt. Hood Climb

The above pic is on the summit.

Another pic of the Summit facing West.

This is a pic of the North Face on Hood. It's where the climbers this past week were attempting to Summit. Notice the cornice hanging over the top...major danger.

Chad on the summit.

This is above crater rock. Right in front of this massive rock formation is the actual crater of the volcano. It's a dark funnel that goes into the mountain that emits smoke all the time. Almost like in a cartoon.

Mt. Adams in the distance.

Devils Kitchen route...never climbed it.

All of us on the summit with all our gear.

More summit photos.

Here is the smoke from the crater.

This is from the parking lot looking up. You can barely see where the ski lift ends over on the left. In the canyon in the middle of this picture is where Chad and I did all of our Mountaineering training.

It's been a hard week watching the news and hearing of the suffering of the families of the three climbers on Hood. It's weird because some of the rescue people I have seen on the news we actually met climbing a couple years ago. The mountain can be brutal and so much can go wrong so quickly. I pray for their families.


Josh said...

nice pics dude. That climb looks evil in places. You guys must have had a blast...wish I could've been with you all!

Thanks for sharing the pics.

Kyle, Marta and Darby said...

I'm commenting on your blog so you can laugh at me! Ha! Love you and want you to know the only reason I'm glad we don't live in Oregon anymore is so that it's harder for you to get yourself killed climbing mountains. Those poor families are living my worst nightmare!