Saturday, December 16, 2006


Here are the pics of the fish from todays adventure! Tim and I went out to Brushy Creek to see what we could catch. Tim was clearly the man...I on the other hand just had fun being up to my waste in river water in the middle of December. Seriously thought about a full on swim. I caught 4 fish, all were small Guadalupe Bass. Tim caught three huge black bass.

Day out was sweet and more than needed. I can't explain what the outdoors means to me.

Tried to catch some catfish with little go. Came to a waterfall on the river and man did I want to go for it! Just Tim, myself, and chance. Chance to prove we are not afraid. Chance to see just how cold the water is in December. Chance to tell a story. Chance. Well needless to say we carried the boat around the falls...I will be back.

Tim bait fished with live minnows and some kinda juice that when applied to the bait really did bring in the big fish. I used the ole fly rod. Love fly fishing. His method definitely caught bigger fish.

Was a sweet day. Praise be to God for the fly, minnow, water, fish...amen.

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