Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tyler Adventure Race

Here are the pics of the adventure race in Tyler, Texas that Chad, Joel, Aaron, and I ran. The race involved compass and map navigation, trail running, kayak navigation, mountain bike and special challenges. At the start of the race they give you a map and nav points to mark out to find where your checkpoints are. Its all about map and compass skills. You have to use a UTM plotter to chart your course. It was sweet.

Got the above pic out of order...oh well. This is us running through the woods. On this leg of the race two team members could ride, the other two had to run.

The night before the race we thought, "you know what sounds really good? Sushi in Tyler, Texas. We found some. Probably not the best pre-race food but made us happy.

Aaron with the spicy Tuna.

Chad with the fish egg also topped with a quail egg sushi.

Gear table the night before the race. We slept in a camp shelter at Tyler State Park. It took us almost until 1:00am to get the bikes tuned, packs loaded, and first aid kits ready to go. Half the fun!

The start of the race. There were some crazy competitive teams there...ours...not so much.
Almost at the end.

This is our T.A. (transition area) here we store our bikes and other gear during the race. Each leg will eventually end up here where you come flying in grab more gear, chart your next course, and take off once more.

Chad plotting our next CP's on the map. (check points)

This is what a check point looks like when you find it. Notice I said find it? You can easily wander around the woods if you plot wrong. Once you find it you use the hanging clicker to punch a hole in your card to prove you were there.

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