Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Reef

Here are some of my favorite creatures we were able to see.

This is a parrotfish. They were all over the place and beautiful.

This is a Great Barracuda. Swam with many of these guys. They are amazing when they are four to five feet away!

This is firecoral and it will do to you what the name implies...make you burn like fire. It looks like coral but I learned its more closely related to a jellyfish.

Saw a couple of these guys. It's a Nurse Shark. Once in my Kayak I was floating in some really shallow water when the back of my boat raised up and dropped down with massive force. Chad who was behind me in his kayak saw a huge Nurse shark shoot out from underneath my boat for deeper water. I must of coasted over him while he was taking a nap. It was awesome.

This is a hogfish. Supposed to be really good eating.

This is a Lemon Shark. When we were night snorkeling one night we had one of these guys following us around. He got really agitated when we shined our lights at him.

Saw many tiny permit fish in the shallows. I hear they are incredible fly fishing.


Rochelle said...

Wow! What an amazing adventure!! Glad none of the sharks decided to turn you into their dinner.

Meredith said...

Awesome pcitures Kyle! Quite an adventure! I believe that reef extends down to Honduras... y'all should come visit! :)