Thursday, July 12, 2007

Check Out My Rack!!!

Okay...I am posting this blog primarily to show my Grandpa how I solved my canoe storage problem. It has been a long road folks. I had to figure out how to get the canoe stored above our camper so that our car could fit in the garage. Every kit made for this did not store the canoe high enough to clear the trailer or low enough to not get hit by the garage door when it goes up. I worked and worked on this problem all weekend long trying to find the right kit while I was organizing my garage. Then the age old wisdom of "do it yourself" kicked in. So my brother in law Jared and I designed our own system...which is ten times better. We went to Home Depot bought all that we needed then went home to put our carpentry skills to the test. After hours of measuring, drilling, un-drilling what we screwed up then drilling some more we had finished! It is a thing of pure beauty I tell you. I could put up to three boats on this rack now. It cost way less than any other system I found and I will finish adding all the gear hooks to it tomorrow for my paddles, life jackets and other boating toys.

This design enables me to put the canoe up or take it down without any help. Which is really nice. On these three side boards you see there will be paddles and life jackets plus many, many ropes after tomorrow evenings work is done.

What more could a man want in his garage I ask you? Mountain bikes to your right, camper, canoe, X-Terra. In the back ground trekking poles, back packing gear...what a sacred and holy place.
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Marta said...

You goofy man! I'm glad you figured it out and that now EVERYTHING will fit in the garage just like you've always dreamed! :)

Robby and Lynsey said...

With that title, I thought maybe you'd gotten a boob job. ;) I was even more anxious to see you.


Glad THIS garage is able to finally hold your car! :)

Luther said...

haha... that is a nice rack indeed! Looks like there's room for another canoe or two. Maybe even a snowboard and wakeboard. It's come a long way since we built that furniture last year. Awesome!

Josh said...

You said rack! HA!

Marta said...

did it work?